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Various order types
.  What are the various Order and Product Type?

Order types:

Limit Order: These are orders for buying and selling a certain quantity of particular scrip at a specified price not at market price.

Market Order: Unlike limit orders, market orders to buy or sell a certain quantity of particular scrip at the best price for price or prices prevailing in the market, at that time.

Stop Loss Order: These orders are placed with the intention of buying or selling the stock once it reaches a certain price. It is used to minimize risk and to avoid heavy losses in the market.

Product type:

CNC (Cash N Carry) or Delivery segment: This window permits to place the trade for delivery & it can be used only in NSE & BSE Segment to the extent of free funds lying to the credit of his account. Trades beyond available funds shall be rejected at the threshold.

MIS (Margin Intraday Square off):  It is a special facility or the window for active traders to place the order for intraday trades only wherein the trader gets a higher amount of leverage to create larger position but at the same time the trades will have to be compulsorily squared off prior to 15 mins of market closure for equity and currency and 30 mins for commodity or else the system will automatically square off the position.

NRML (Normal Product): This is for the F&O/derivative segment to carry forward contract till expiry.
One of the most typical kinds of orders are market orders, limit orders, as well as stop-loss orders. A market order is an order to get or offer a safety quickly. This sort of order warranties that the order will certainly be performed, yet does not assure the implementation cost. A learning from which I'm really thankful.

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